GRID INTEGRATION — A first step to a feed-in policy in Cambodia?

GRID INTEGRATION — A first step to a feed-in policy in Cambodia?

23.03.2015 News

Last November, Kamworks completed the installation of a large-scale solar system in the Don Bosco technical school of Sihanoukville. And this major project may pave the way for future solar grid integration in Cambodia!


In 2013, said Arjen Luxwolda, Kamworks’ Managing Director, Don Bosco’s representatives came to see us. They had a huge electricity bill and they wanted to reduce it by going solar.” Thus, Kamworks' engineers designed a115 kWp solar system that would cover more than 15 percent of the school’s power needs.

Last October, we were ready for installation, continued Arjen. So we organized workshops to train the Don Bosco students in solar technology. We then supervised them to install the 384 solar panels and 16 inverters of the system. For Kamworks, it is very important to prepare the next generation of Cambodian solar electricians. They will be the ones conducting such large solar projects in the future.


Implementing a grid connected solar project at this scale was a major achievement for Kamworks. The whole installation took two months to complete; the students were able to develop cutting-edge solar installation skills; and the Don Bosco school is now saving $4,000 per month.


What’s more, for the first time Electricité du Cambodge granted permission to connect the Don Bosco solar system to the grid!


The project was funded by the Government of Finland through EEP Mekong and a donor from Hong Kong.