Off-grid solar electricity

Off-grid solar electricity

Tailor-made solar electricity system for off-grid customers

Rural clinics, schools, orphanages and other buildings that are not connected to the grid still require electricity for lighting, fans, radio, television and computers. A conventional diesel generator is noisy, polluting and requires daily fuel expenses. Instead, Kamworks provides a custom-made solar system to meet electricity requirements in a clean and silent manner. Batteries are also included in the system in order to supply electricity in the evenings.

For 100% solar supplied systems, Kamworks also helps to reduce electricity consumption by advising on conservation measures such as more efficient devices. Alternatively, Kamworks can offer a hybrid solution where solar power is combined with a conventional generator to be used only during peak hours.

For projects in remote locations, Kamworks offers to train local staff on maintenance and repair. In addition, a service contract can be provided.

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