Solar Diesel Minigrid

Solar Diesel Minigrid

Power up remote areas with mini-grid power


In Cambodia's rural areas, mini-grids provide power to remote population clusters. Diesel is a relatively expensive source of electricity, with electricity cost easily exceeding 0,40 USD/kWh. These costs can be reduced by adding solar power to the mini-grid. Proper design, system sizing and careful selection of solar inverters is important for success. Kamworks experienced solar engineers can help.






Benefits of adding solar to your diesel minigrid


  • Lower operational cost
  • Increased reliability
  • Solar energy is quiet and clean
  • Less administrative hassle and logistics with decreased diesel use

Solar minigrids are suitable for:

  • Villages
  • Clinics, schools and orphanages
  • Farms, agriculture and irrigation projects
  • Remote areas with multiple houses where there is no grid electricity


Kamworks experienced solar engineers can help you to reduce your diesel cost by designing the right solar system for you. 


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