Solar Home System 100 Wp

Solar Home System 100 Wp

Solar electricity for your home - new 100 Wp model

This medium sized system is designed to use color television regularly in the evenings as well as radio, mobile phone charging and lighting. It complies with international standards and is manufactured locally in Cambodia.


A distinctive feature of the Kamworks SHS is the unique and WorldBank approved battery safety box. This protects children from electric hazards, and contains a fuse and electronic system. The battery box is safe and secure.

The combination of a roof-mounted solar panel and a maintenance-free battery provides reliable power and light for several hours. The charge controller includes a LED indicator to inform the user of battery status.

Each Kamworks Solar Home System 100 comes with 4 lamps and a connection panel for 12V DC operating devices. Kamworks Solar Home Systems are easy to install with only a few tools by following the manual or can be installed by a technician recommended by Kamworks. The batterybox is safe and secure.



High-quality Solar Home System 

  • High Quality system
  • Rental possibility through Kiva and payment with Wing mobile money
  • When no money use a scratch mobile card to charge up system
  • 100 Wp system
  • Remote serviced and quick response time through GSM link


  • Provide electricity for whole house and family
  • Save money in the long run
  • Secure battery box
  • No more battery cost and charging
  • Covers all basic house energy needs
  • Connect multiple devices at once: Phone, TV, Lighting, Fan
  • Have electricity always on, also when power outage
  • Optional installation by Kamwork qualified technician


  • 100 Wp System
  • 1 battery 100Ah
  • 4 High quality LED Lamps
  • Cables (UV proof)
  • Switches and sockets
  • 20 Year Warrantee on Panels
  • 2 Year warrantee on system
  • 24 hours hotline


  • Good Solar certification
  • WorldBank approved battery box
  • Antaris 


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