Solar Pumping

Solar Pumping

Clean, reliable water supply for rural communities

Many rural communities, schools, orphanages or clinics do not have access to the electricity grid. For their water supply, they often use noisy and polluting diesel generator powered pumps that have high running costs and require intensive maintenance. For very remote locations, the continuous supply of diesel can be difficult and expensive.

Kamworks provides reliable and highly efficient solar-powered water pumps that require little or no maintenance. Kamworks is a licensed dealer of Lorentz Solar water pumps which have proven to be extremely durable and reliable. In direct drive, they can operate directly from solar panels (DC electricity) and do not require batteries. Lorentz offers a wide range of pumps that are able to pump from depths of up to 200 meters and volumes up to 80 m3 per day.

For projects in remote locations, Kamworks offers to train local staff on maintenance and repair. In addition, a service contract can be provided.



  • Highly efficient solar water pumps
  • Quality material
  • Experienced technical staff to install


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