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4 compelling reasons for Cambodian companies to save energy.

  1. Profit-profit-profit

Electricity cost adds to our operational cost. And every dollar saved on operational cost, increases our profit. So lets take another look at that EDC bill and see whether it makes sense to call in the cavalry to make some serious progress on cutting our monthly electricity bill.

  1. Improving our competitiveness helps company and country.

Lower operational cost is not just good for our bottom-line, it also improves our competitiveness, which is important to companies individually but also for entire Cambodian industries such as garment and tourism.

  1. Saving the planet for our kids

In Cambodia, our electricity is mostly coming from hydro and coal. Both sources are believed to have serious environmental impacts, whether it is on fish, or on the climate. As the climate changes, Cambodia gets hotter and weather patterns become more extreme, young Cambodians will start to worry that something will need to change before it is too late.

  1. Electricity saved is the cheapest form of electricity

Cambodian electricity consumption is highest during the midday peak. All the EDC infrastructure needs to be designed to meet this midday peak. If we can reduce consumption during that peak, a lot of investment can be postponed and grid stability will improve. But that also holds for ourselves: if our energy consumption is low, we may be able to postpone the procurement of a new transformer or the expansion of our electrical infrastructure such as cables, back-up generators, breakers and cabinets.

Want to take action?

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