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More and more Cambodian companies save 20-30% on their electricity bill

Cambodian companies increasingly use solar panels to reduce their electricity cost. Mr Arjen Luxwolda, Kamworks managing director since 2006, explains: “ Solar panels have become cheaper over the last few years. Today, electricity from solar panels is often 20-30% cheaper than EDC. Factories and businesses are contacting us to find out how much they can save. For factories, we provide a free ‘quick scan’ to see how much USD they can save on their EDC bill and what the investment is. If necessary, we can also help with off-balance sheet financing (leasing). With that, companies sign a 10 or 15 year lease and they basically start saving from day one.”

The Kamworks quick scan is free: first we check your electricity bill. Once we know the electricity consumption and some additional basic information, such as roof space and operating hours, we can estimate the potential for savings.

If the client is interested after the quickscan, Kamworks will conduct a site visit to collect additional information and inspect the roof. From there we can calculate the investment, develop options and present to management. The entire process takes a couple of weeks.

Find out how much you can save and ask for a free quick scan at info@kamworks.com