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Solar energy supplier since 2006 in Cambodia.

Kamworks is the leading solar energy company in Cambodia, providing solar technologies from large scale utility systems, to PAYGO enabled solar home systems.

We provide the design and installation solar projects including faisability study , maintenance , energy monitoring.Our market segment is large hotel , retails , school, organisation , factories , building.

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Kamworks Ltd. was established in Cambodia in 2006 by Dutch solar engineers and has already impacted over 220,000 rural lives. The company is the leading innovator in solar energy solutions in the country, having sold more than 14.000 SHS in Cambodia and pioneered PAYGO (Pay-As-You-Go) for these systems in 2014.

Today, Kamworks is selling SHS with PAYGO capabilities in Cambodia, offering it on credit to consumers that cannot afford the upfront investment. Consumers instead pay monthly installments with mobile money and through its proprietary technology, Kamworks can remotely monitor and switch off the SHS in case of late payment.

The combination of SHS hardware and in-house software platform help Kamworks achieve significant operational cost savings in cash collection and allows the Company to serve previously un-served market segments.

Overall, Kamworks products have been exported to Africa, Asia, Europe and the America’s. With solar technology rapidly becoming ever better and cheaper and with Cambodia’s abundant sunshine, the clean energy future looks bright !

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Kamworks has sold over 30,000 Moonlight solar lanterns and over 14,000 Solar Home Systems. Kamworks also provides clean, reliable electricity to several hospitals, schools, and orphanages through its rooftop solar solutions. In total, Kamworks has provided energy access and impacted more than 220,000 people in Cambodia.

Despite abundant sunlight and a rural population eager to access reliable sources of electricity, solar energy still faces challenging barriers in Cambodia:

  • High upfront investment cost,
  • Financial exclusion of rural households,
  • Bad reputation of solar products associated with poor quality products and services,
  • Difficult access to remote areas hampering distribution and after-sales service.

Kamworks has implemented industry-leading innovations to break these barriers. Customers have now several options to have a SHS, in addition to a upfront purchase : loans via microfinance or crowdfundin. Finally, Kamworks is at the forefront of technological innovation in off-grid solar systems by having developped Pay-As-You-Go solutions, a data monitoring cloud platform, machine learning and predictive maintenance, and an ERP software.