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Solar Home Systems (SHS)

Custom-made solar home systems for off-grid electricity

Several models with batteries included, from 20Wp to 100Wp, perfect to meet your electricity requirements for lightning, fans, radio, televisions, and computer in a reliable, clean and silent manner.

Rooftop solar for schools, large buildings

Solar roof with short payback time to reduce energy bills

With a payback time between 3 and 5 years, these systems installed by certified partners provide clean and quiet electricity and can move with you if you’re planning to. Read further on commercial rooftop solar systems and how it can save you money and increase your energy reliability.

Water Pumps

Clean and reliable water supply for rural communities

Reliable and highly efficient solar-powered water pumps made by Lorentz Solar, which require no battery and little to no maintenance, to get rid of costly and noisy diesel generators.

Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC)

EPC contracting for solar farms and commercial roof tops

Highly experienced engineers assist you with your large solar projects, from feasability studies to post-construction maintenance, with a focus on timely delivery, budget and quality control.