+855 92-962-162
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Jeroen Verschelling

Chairman and Co-founder 20+ years experience in solar PV & energy conservation. Before Kamworks, Jeroen worked on renewable energy projects with Ecofys in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Arjen Luxwolda

Managing Director and Co-founder Technical expert and engineering nexus of Kamworks with 20 years of experience in renewable technologies as engineer.

Javier Allanegui

Project Manager 9 years’ experience in Renewable Energy Projects implementation. Javier worked with Engineers Without Borders in Europe and South America.

Matt Viner

Business Advisor 6 years business management and consulting experience, 2 years consultancy experience in SE Asia. Matt advizes Kamworks on business expansion.

Bun Panha

Foreman Panha has 6 years experience at Kamworks in maintenance and installation of solar systems.

Srey Mey

Accounting / Office Assistant Srey Mey worked for Nokor Lucky Apartment as an accounting assistant before joining Kamworks. Srey Mey has a Bachelor degree from Human Resource University in Phnom Penh.

Seang Hai

Workshop Manager&Technician Seang Hai has 3 years’ experience in maintenance and installation of solar systems. He is a graduate from the Song Shanghai institute.

Ly Siva

Electrical Engineer Siva just graduated from Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC). Siva worked for 3 months as switchboard panel builder at Mauso engineering and 6 months as solar electrical engineering at Kamworks Solar.