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Simple. Secure.

Ensure payments
Track and monitor invoicing
Connected with mobile money

Integrated platform


Everything together in one place

Manage all systems and all customers in one place
Fully integrated with all our products
Automated billing via mobile money

  Expandable GSM


Big data. Small OPEX.

Ensure payments
Monitor systems remotely
Predictive maintenance through AI
Track and monitor invoicing

  • Modem
    SIM 800 card allows communication between the SHS and the backend.
  • Range of batteries
    We offer both LiFePO4 and Lithium-Ion to match your needs.
  • OLED display module
    State of charge, battery state of charge, indication of discharge current, number of days left before the system shuts off, fault indicator.
  • Data exchange
    Collect data of your customer’s production and consumption, state of the solar home system.
  • Infrared remote keypad
    Backup solution in case of no data/SMS coverage at SHS location.
  • Serve a growing energy demand
    Connect up to 4 GSM systems in parallel.


Robust, Reliable and Resilient.

  • LCD display module
    Number of days remaining, deactivation status.
  • LCD display module
    Number of days remaining, deactivation status.
  • Anti-tamper
    Product powers down if tampered.
  • 3 x 4 keyboard
    Just hit * followed by the platform-generated code, then # and all systems go.
  • LED
    Easy to understand on/off/charge and payment status.
  • Output
    2 USB outputs, 4 DC outputs.

Integrated Kamworks PAYGO Platform

Payments, Monitoring, Maintenance and More.


Sales contracts management

Invoices & payments

Remote monitoring maintenance

Integrated with mobile money

Co-Brand & White Label

Wide range of appliances

Select the appliances that match your customers’ needs

  Benefit from our experience

We’ve been working in developing countries since 2006. We’ve developed award winning lanterns, solar home systems and pay-as-you-go systems and run rural distribution networks. We understand, first-hand, the challenges that this business brings and how to maneuver to create profitable, sustainable enterprises.

We’ve made it our business to help you scale yourbusiness. We’ll work with you, every step of the way, to help you sell to your customers.


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Our partners

Kamworks is proud to partner with leading international companies, agencies and universities in the fields of innovation, R&D and sustainable development.