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Kamworks’ Latest Projects

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Kamworks’ Latest Projects
AMRU Rice Mill Assist Mekong AMICA Association Donbosco School Handal Medical Center Shalom Valley Ground Mounted Solar Project Footsteps Garment Hotel Residia Silvertown CWKH Garment Factory LOGOS SVI Phase I + II

AMRU Rice Mill

For TOTAL Solar, Kamworks installed this solar system on the AMRU rice mill in Kampong Thom. In close coordination with TOTAL Solar and the Client, Kamworks designed and engineered the system, sourced the materials and installed it in autumn 2020. Kamworks is fully compliant with the strictest international health safety and environmental standards (HSE) as required by TOTAL Solar.

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Assist Mekong

Kamworks Solar in collaboration with Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation ASSIST and Philips Lighting Vietnam to provide street lighting for safety and education to Dorng Kambet and Nipich communes and Neang Noy village, located in Kampong Thom Province.

AMICA Association

4kWp, Off Grid
AMICA Association takes part in the development Cambodian Villages.This Association decided
to help Cheung Kok villagers to have water access thanks to solar energy.The water pumping facilities
provides a daily pumping rate of 22m3.

Donbosco School

Don Bosco School 115kWp ,

This technical school based in Sihnaoukville, features a large PV on-grid solar setup.The solar installation is the only one in Cambodia for which a net-metering agreement has been arranged : surplus electricity flows into the grid and is taken back from the grid when demand outstrips solar energy supply.

Handal Medical Center

Hospitals are characterized by 24h/7 operations and require continuous power.supply.The on-grid solar solution
from Kamworks consists of a solar power system on a hospital roof in the Battambang area , has a short pay-back time,because electricity tariffs in Cambodia are high.

Shalom Valley

15 kWp solar system with capacity battery of 44 kWh,

The firm Shalom Valley built a School in Kep Province , this school is isolated from the Grid and need electricity for future student. Shalom Valley decide to use electricity from sun in order to provide his need.

Ground Mounted Solar Project

The Ground Mounted Solar Project is a Kamworks' project for Farmhouse Smiling Gecko.

Footsteps Garment

60 kWp, On-grid
This on-grid solution fits the power curve of this garment factory in Phnom Penh. Minimal maintenance - Solar power has no moving parts and hence requires very little maintenance from the energy consumer.Weekend excess
power can also be used for cooling down the facilities during the weekend bu running the ventilators.

Hotel Residia Silvertown

58 kWp, On-grid
Kamworks designed , installed and now is operating a rooftop solar generation system on SilverTown Metropolitan,
a residential tower located in Phnom Penh. The kamworks system reduces peak electricity demand while thefacility is still connected to the electricity grid.The rooftop solar project provides clean m reliable, and competitively priced electricity to the Silvertown tower.

CWKH Garment Factory

The garment sector is of paramount importance for the economic development of the country.The large majority of these factories are characterized by 12h operations during 5 or 6 days a week, with a constant load for almost the whole day. After 2 weeks of great teamwork 100 kW of panels are mounted on the roof.


For LOGOS International School, Kamworks installed this solar systems in 2020 & located in Phnom Penh Thmei, Phnom Penh.

SVI Phase I + II

800 kWp, On-grid

SVI, A global Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider of full turnkey PCBA and box-build contract manufacturing services.