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Water pumping is one of the most common applications of off-grid solar in Cambodia. Solar water pumping can be used for irrigation, for livestock or for drinking water supply. In some cases, solar water pumping can be made direct drive, so no battery will be needed. This has a lot of advantages in terms of system cost, maintenance and reliability. Kamworks is authorized distributor of Lorentz  Water Pumps from Germany.

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In rural Cambodia, farms require irrigation for their crops. The water can be taken from a well, a river or lake/pond and will be distributed through pipes, hoses or irrigation channels. The amount of water needed depends on the crop type, season and water distribution/delivery system.

When designing a solar water pumping system, it is essential to select the right water delivery system . Drip irrigation  is especially well suited for solar applications and cash crops. Kamworks engineers take this into account and design an optimized solar pumping system within the available budget, local conditions, delivery mechanism, seasonality parameters and the amount of water required for the crop.


Swimming pools

Solar water pumping can also be used for swimming pools. Kamworks has installed several solar systems for this purpose in Cambodia over the past decade.

The size and type of the pool, filtration system and flow, determine the types of pumps and their hours of use. From this, Kamworks engineers can design and optimize the solar pumping system  for the swimming pool.


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