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Solar systems in the city
Feasibility studies and EPC contracting

Feasibility studies and EPC contracting for solar projects.

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Kamworks has the most experienced team of solar engineers in Cambodia. Ask our engineers to assess your energy consumption.

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Savings and financing

Large scale solar projects to save money. Ask for our financial options.

Kamworks Utility Projects list

Kamworks is the leading solar energy company in Cambodia, providing solar technologies from large scale utility systems, to PAYGO enabled solar home systems.

CWKH Garment & Textiles

CWKH Garment & Textiles

100 kWp, On grid

The garment sector is of paramount importance for the economic development of the country. The large majority of these factories are characterized by 12h operations during 5 or 6 days a week, with a constant load for almost the whole day. After 2 weeks of great teamwork 100 kW of panels are mounted on the roof.

  • Cost-effective solution cheaper than EDC grid electricity
  • Low maintenance caused by absence of moving parts
  • Reduced temperatures inside the factory, due to shading of the roof with solar panels
  • International garment brands increasingly require solar as part of their effort to ‘green their supply chain’
Handa Foundation Hospital

Handa Foundation Hospital

81 kWp, On grid

Hospitals are characterised by 24h/7 operations and require continuous power supply. The on-grid solar solution from Kamworks consists of a solar power system on a hospital roof in the Battambang area, has a short pay-back time, because electricity tariffs in Cambodia are high.

  • Smart, hole-less roof mounting: design to mount the solar on the roof with no need to dril holes
  • Solar projects for hospitals reduce operational cost and are likely to be donated by philanthropists
  • Remote solar system monitoring, facilitating both preventative and curative maintenance.
Silvertown Metropolitan

Silvertown Metropolitan Hotel

58 kWp, On grid

Kamworks designed, installed and now is operating a rooftop solar generation system on SilverTown Metropolitan, a residential tower located in Phnom Penh. The Kamworks system reduces peak electricity demand while the facility is still connected to the electricity grid. The rooftop solar project provides clean, reliable, and competitively priced electricity to the Silvertown tower.

  • Clean, reliable and affordable energy for the apartment building
  • Green image for residents and clients
  • No noise
  • Grid connected
  • Large scale Solar PV for building
Khmer Brewery

Khmer Brewery

4 MW, On grid

Kamworks is developing a rooftop solar generation system consisting of over 10,000 solar PV panels for the state-of- the-art brewing and bottling facility of Khmer Beverages, Co. The rooftop solar system will have a capacity of approximately 4 MW, making it the largest deployment of an industrial rooftop solar panel array in Cambodia to date.

  • Green image for suppliers and customers, further contributing to a strong Khmer Beverages brand
  • Lower electricity bills
  • No noise or smoke
Footsteps Garment Factory

Footsteps Garment Factory

60 KWp, On-grid

This on-grid solution fits the power curve of this garment factory in Phnom Penh. Minimal maintenance – Solar power has no moving parts and hence requires very little maintenance from the energy consumer. Weekend excess power can also be used for cooling down the facilities during the weekend by running the ventilators.

  • Lower electricity bills
  • Green image, important for some brands/customers
Koni Schwarz

Koni Schwarz

11 KWp, Off grid

This NGO in Siem Reap features solar panels together with water pumping facilities. The factory roof enables electricity generation to in turn enable solar water pumping for local irrigation in the Siem Reap area

  • Water pumping systems on solar
  • Off-grid solar
  • Energy security
Khmer Brewery

Donbosco School

115 KWp, Off grid

This technical school, based in Sihanoukville, features a large PV on-grid solar setup. The solar installation is the only one in Cambodia for which a nett-metering agreement has been arranged: surplus electricity flows into the grid and is taken back from the grid when demand outstrips solar energy supply.

  • Reliable energy during school days
  • Cost reduction
  • Educational purposes
  • Nett-metering
Sophea Residential

Sophea Residential

30 KWp. On grid

This Phnom Penh based residential project is on grid. The solar system for this modern villa was installed in 2017

  • On grid residential project
  • Saving money on electricity bill
  • Phnom Penh
Khmer Brewery

Feasability Studies

For several large solar projects, Kamworks has completed feasibility studies. A feasibility study helps to assess energy needs, identifies potential problems and solutions, and reduces the project risks. For large projects, a feasibility study can help to raise project finance. Studies recently delivered for these clients: Calmette Hospital (700kWp), Royal PP hospital (100kWp), Siem Reap hospital for children (200kWp) and Laurelton diamonds (200kWp).

  • Accurate system sizing and high level design
  • Technical and economic assessment
  • Implementation plan

People we worked with talk about us

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“A solar PV system will drastically reduce your electricity bill, protect your business against future rises in energy costs, projects a green image and moreover it guarantees you an impressive return on your investment and an increase of your property value.

Moreover, there are some more benefits at country-level that people still fail to consider. In fact, widespread solar PV installations will boost Cambodia energy independence, it will create jobs helping the growth of our local economy while protecting our environment.

I do believe in Cambodia’s development path, and that it can be sustained only with everyone’s commitment.”

Veasna Meas
Managing Director Naki Property Group Ltd.

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